Banera Bath 111

About Us

A professional manufacturer of Solid Surface and Artificial Stone bathroom-ware, Banera bath Co., Ltd has built a reputation for quality and innovation since 2003. Located in Foshan the bathroom-ware heart of China, Banera bath has an advanced 10,000 square meter production facility with an annual capacity of 10,000 bathtubs and 30,000 basins, employing 100 skilled workers and technicians. Banera Bath Company has grown to be one of China’s leading solid surface bathtub exporters resulting in economies of scale and a competitive advantage.  “Quality, Consistency and Professionalism” is both our motto and goal. Due to the company’s endless creative energy and reliable quality, Banera bath is honoured to be selected by several international bathtub brand names as their OEM manufacturing partner. Together, Banera bath with such industry elites have established a well-trained team and comprehensive procedures to manufacture to demanding standards. Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs are incorporated into every stage of our manufacturing and production.  To keep on the cutting edge of product and manufacturing advancements, Banera bath’s R&D team undertake exhaustive programs and cooperate with our OEM partners. These activities and unique insights benefit all of our clients.  With an extensive product range, our main markets are Western and Northern Europe, North America, Australia and The Middle East where quality and constancy are appreciated and demanded. Banera bath has also been awarded ISO9001, CE and CUPC certification for our products. Our client service team is highly trained in English and delivering professional service. Each member of our team has sincerity and enthusiasm to ensure the most convenient service to our valued clients.

Why Choose Us

  • 1
    Cutting edge manufacturing technologies result in stable quality products.
  • 2
    Oven testing system ensures the product without cracking and yellow stain.
  • 3
    Imported raw materials ensure product consistency.
  • 4
    Choices of Solid Surface / ResinStone / Lightweight materials to meet differing client needs.
  • 5
    Innovative proprietary materials provide the opportunity for our clients to value add.

Exclusive Formulations

Innovation is the hallmark of all top manufactures. Banera Bath is not different.

Staying ahead of the market and our competitors demands investment in new product development. Banera Bath’s proprietary Lightweight Formulation is just one example of our commitment to product innovation. Our lightweight formulation delivers weight savings of up to 48% when compared to standard solid surface alternatives. Banera Bath is working every day to refine our materials formulation to deliver the best products available.

In time to come, Banera Bath will release new material options for our clients to maintain a competitive advantage in their local market.

Our Designer

Davide Tonizzo

An engineer by training with the eye, hands and heart of an artist, like his ancestors of the Italian renaissance, Davide Tonizzo’s talents are diverse and multi-disciplined.

Joel Roberts

An Awarded industrial designer, Joel Roberts was raised and educated in the United Kingdom. Commencing his career at design studios in London, Joel now resides in Melbourne, the cultural haven of Australia.

Wu Shaoqun

Artist, designer, educator and brand developer, Wu ShaoQun’s career and interests have mirrored the journey of his motherland, as China and its people balance the traditional with the modern and the cultural with the commercial.