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Adding A Free Standing Corner Soaking Tub to Your Home

Jan 20 , 2023

There are many ways that a bathroom can look to be updated, but perhaps the most important change is in the bathroom's design, and this can be done with a freestanding corner soaking tub. These are great for bathrooms which have a small amount of space available, as they do not take up too much room when you are finished. They do take some getting used to, because the walls do slope slightly towards the drain, so if you have back or knee problems you may need to get used to bending down far enough to use the tub.
Corner freestanding bathtubs are designed to fit into the spaces between two wall panels, which are then sloped towards the drain. This allows for water to drain away from your body instead of pooling on the floor, and if you have tile flooring it will be even easier to get the floor flat as water will have nowhere to go. These also offer more room than freestanding corner soaking tubs, and there are more options when it comes to the type of flooring you can have on the bathroom floor.
If you have pours and bathtubs on the same flooring as the freestanding corner soaking tub, then you can choose to either install a new shower or bathtub or just have the existing shower and tubs repaired. If you have an older home with wooden flooring, then the pours and bathtubs may be too deep for the wooden flooring and could cause cracking. If you are considering this option, then you should also consider installing a new heating system as well. Some homeowners have chosen to install a freestanding round hot tub and have made the room appear to be three times larger than it actually is.
Adding a glass walk-in shower to your freestanding corner soaking tub can add a new dimension to the space. These come in many sizes, and it is important to choose one with enough space to allow the tub to be fully submerged in the water. When choosing the size of the glass walk-in shower, it is important to take into account the size of the walls of the small primary bathroom that the tub will be placed in. You may need to cut out a section of wall so that the area will have enough room for the walk-in shower curtain to drape over the opening. If you plan on using dark colors for the walls in the small bathroom, then you will want to ensure that the glass walk-in shower door is not in direct view of the tub.
Another option is to replace your old standard bathtub with a new, white freestanding bathtub that sits on a modern vanity. These bathtubs sit flush against the vanity countertop, and can be covered with a simple white ceramic tile. This is a great way to add instant visual appeal to a bathroom without having to change out the bathtub itself.
Having a white freestanding bathtub in a small or medium sized bathroom design can add a unique element to the room. Although they do not have the deep soaking tub feature, these tubs still make a nice addition to the vanity area. Because these tubs sit flush against the counter, they can provide plenty of storage space beneath the vanity. There are many different styles of freestanding bathtubs that offer different features, and the above options can be easily customized to fit into any bathroom design plan. A beautiful white freestanding bathtub in a small bathroom design can look stunning even when the tub is not in use, as it offers lots of storage space under the vanity.

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