Basin Top-Mount Artificial Stone 400-5

Model: 400-5

Size: 346X250X80 mm (13.62″*9.84″*3.15″)

Packing size: 425*330*180mm(16.73″*12.99″*7.09″)



100% Acrylic / Modified Acrylic / ResinStone (Artificial Stone) / Lightweight

Finish: Matte/Gloss

Drain Cover:
Chrome/Solid Surface/Resin Stone (Additional Cost)

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The smooth curves of the basin add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom space. Oval-shaped basins often exude a modern and elegant aesthetic, providing a softer alternative to traditional rectangular sinks. 

The top-mount design allows for flexibility in placement on the countertop, making it a popular choice for both DIY projects and professional installations. You can position the basin closer to the front or back edge of the counter, depending on your desired aesthetic and functional requirements.


Model 400-5
Size 346X250X80 mm (13.62″*9.84″*3.15″)
Packing size 425*330*180mm(16.73″*12.99″*7.09″)
Material Choice 100% Acrylic / Modified Acrylic / ResinStone (Artificial Stone) / Lightweight
Finish Matte/Gloss
Drain Cover Chrome/Solid Surface/Resin Stone (Additional Cost)
Colors White, Gray, Red, Black
Apart from the below 4 colors, we can match your colors on your samples.
Patterns Slate, Quartz, Calcutta, Onyx
Logo Laser engrave/Print