Basin Top-Mount Artificial Stone BS-H11

Model: BS-H11

Size: 634X442X400m m (24.96″*17.40″*15.75″)

Packing size: 704*512*475mm(27.72″*20.16″*18.70″)



100% Acrylic / Modified Acrylic / ResinStone (Artificial Stone) / Lightweight

Finish: Matte/Gloss

Drain Cover:
Chrome/Solid Surface/Resin Stone (Additional Cost)

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The elliptical cylinder shape offers a departure from traditional round or oval basins, adding a modern and eye-catching element to the bathroom. The elongated form of the basin provides a sleek and streamlined appearance, adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Elliptical cylinder top-mount basins come in various sizes to accommodate different countertop dimensions and user preferences. Whether you need a compact basin for a small bathroom or a larger one for a spacious vanity, there are options available to suit your needs.


Model BS-H11
Size 634X442X400m m (24.96″*17.40″*15.75″)
Packing size 704*512*475mm(27.72″*20.16″*18.70″)
N.W. 28KGS
G.W. 30KGS
Material Choice 100% Acrylic / Modified Acrylic / ResinStone (Artificial Stone) / Lightweight
Finish Matte/Gloss
Drain Cover Chrome/Solid Surface/Resin Stone (Additional Cost)
Colors White, Gray, Red, Black
Apart from the below 4 colors, we can match your colors on your samples.
Patterns Slate, Quartz, Calcutta, Onyx
Logo Laser engrave/Print